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Sleep Systems

The NiON-Pro7 combines two of the most recent rest technologies to provide you a refreshing and rejuvenating rest.

NiON-Pro7ís negative ions help to neutralize free radicals, revitalize cells to increase metabolism and enhance the immunity system of the human body.

Whatís more with NiON-Pro7, you get a 7-zone pocket springs with each zone independently conforming to the respective parts of your body by the different amount of pressure applied.
Interlock-free and individualized, these pocket springs do not resist body weight, but instead welcomes it. You will feel almost no pressure on your body as you settle into the mattress

In addition to the above, the NiON-Pro7 also comes with luxurious fabric cover to pamper you with a comfortable nightís rest. All in all, it is a sleep system designed to promote healthful sleep and relaxation.

NioN-Pro7 is a system name (not a model name). Specific model names may vary for different region.